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De Machienerie is a creative company/workshop that focuses on building their own and also external productions/projects.

The world they live in, is one of wood and steel.

The Machienerie has been established with the intention of creating visual, poetic stories, which always have a cross-over link to street theatre, puppetry and circus.

In 2011 De Machienerie's founders felt a great urge to bring their poetic imagery to life and to create a place that could be a breeding ground for artistic dynamism and creative outbursts. A place where stunning ideas could actually be substantiated, happily inviting and including other artists and companies to cooperate in these or their own projects.


Many of De Machienerie's projects and sculptures have an environmental statement. With our 'bricolage poétique' we try to address environmental issues, using our peculiar creations to convey a message.

Apart from actually building our constructions, we also create live performances, with which we travel the country and the globe..

Our last show, Carnivale, is a complete representation of our work, to which we added several new constructional gems.     

De Machienerie... brings dreams to life.

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